Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Star Trek: Voyager--"Day of Honor"

“Day of Honor“ is Torres and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. But she should take heart. As will happen many times in the future, it will be seven that learns the moral lesson instead. But Torres gets the consolation prize of a budding romance with Tom. This is a key Tom/Torres shipper episode if you are into that sort of thing. Those who are tend to ignore the fact both were delirious from oxygen deprivation when they professed love for one another. Love is not in the air, so to speak.

Torres is suffering a string of bad luck on the Klingon Day of Honor, a day in which klingons are supposed to measure their worthiness over the past year. She is a conflicted soul, never having been comfortable with her Klingon half, so she has never been too thrilled to take part in those traditions. Tom, Mr. Sensitive that he is, pushes her anyway for what he decides is her own good. She pushes him away in return. I have a tough time arguing with her rationale. Who is Tom to force her to embrace a culture she is uncomfortable emersing herself?

While “Day of Honor” is a torres episode, it is still all about Seven. She is bored stuck in her alcove, so she requests an assignment to engineering in order to adapt transwarp technology to Voyager for faster speed. Chakotay agrees, and assigns her to work with Torres. Talk about a bad day, no? Torres has nothing but contempt for the Borg, which is exasperated by Seven’s complete lack of guilt over her past actions. Tensions grow far worse when the transwarp experiment fails and the warp core must be ejected.

If the episode is not crowded enough with all tha going on, the crew run into an alien race called the Cataati. Their species was almost completely assimilated by the Borg some time ago. There is only a few hundred of them living desperately as refugees. They request supplies from VoyagerVoyager crew are sacrificing, they are still quite comfortable. Just how obligated are they to give of their own resources to a people who have none?

Apparently, a lot. Torres and Tom go after the ejected warp core in a shuttlecraft only to discover the Cataati are attempting to steal it as a bargaining chip for more supplies. The lesson here is that impoverished people will resort to crime. It is not their fault, of course. Since it is not their fault, you should give them all your resources to avoid becoming victims of their crimes. There is no reason you should have plwnty when others do not, right? The whole situation is progressive thinking at its worst. The matter is resolved by Seven utilizing Borg knowledge to help the Cataati establish a renewable energy resource, but the lesson is still clear--the rich need to give up their luxuries to the poor or else they will become victims of brutal crime. Literal class warfare, courtesy of Star Trek’s 24th century enlightenment.

Seven’s moral lesson falls within those scenarios. She learns that humans are not so bad, because janeway believes she did not cause the accident which ejected the warp core. She learns innovative thinking when she saves the day by jury rigging the new energy source. She even learns to say someone is welcome when they thank her. Touching, no?

Am I forgetting something? Oh, yeah. This is a torrs episode. It is easy to lose sight of that. The shuttlecraft has an accident and explodes, leaving Torres and Tom adrift in space suits and running out of oxygen. They bond as their air runs out. Just before being rescued in the nick of time, they profess love for one another. I blame it on the lack of oxygen to the brain, but your mileage may vary. Did I mention for a brief moment, Tom tried to get in Seven’s pants during the period torres had pushed him away? His cad ways take much of what little emotion his relationahip with Torres can muster right out of it.

“Day of Honor” is an adequate episode. I do not think any of it is particularly compelling. Then again, I am not a fan of the Tom/Torres romance. I think much of the Seven learns more about being human stuff overshadows too many episodes like this one. I am certainly not into the class warfare message. It is just an ordinary, dial it down over some high excitement episodes installment.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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