Tuesday, November 16, 2010

X-Files--"Deep Throat"

“Deep Throat” begins the relatively short alliance between Mulder and a semi-friendly contact who assists him with tidbits and guidance as long as it suits his own interests. He states his own interests as the truth in their second meeting pictured above, but we are never quite confident what his game is.

Mulder first meets Deep Throat in the bathroom of a restaurant at which he is briefing Scully on their next case. A military test pilot named Budahas suffered a psychotic episode four months ago and was taken away to parts unknown by the military. His wife called the FBI to report his disappearance as a kidnapping. Mulder is convinced Budahas was flying experimental aircraft made with alien technology from the Roswell crash. Deep Throat warns him not to investigate.

He and Scully do anyway and find other pilots have returned home not quite right, as though they have suffered some brain trauma which has robbed them of certain memories of their flights. The two agents are chased off the airbase at night after viewing lights in the sky darting about at impossible speeds and sharp angles.

The next day, Budahas is returned to his wife in the same condition as other pilots. He cannot remember anything about his flights. With the kidnap victim returned and DOD agents harassing them, Scully says the case is closed, so they should leave. Mulder refuses. That night, he sneaks on the base. There, he witness the triangular shaped UFO locals have been photographing for years. He is subsequently captured and has his memory wiped of specifics the same way the pilots had been. No one will comment further.

“Deep Throat” continues developing the mythology from the pilot the government is either in cahoots with or is otherwise exploiting aliens . What can I say? This is what the show is all about and it is done well here. The episode also establishes the motif that nothing can ever quite be proven or disproven. I had friends who tried watching the show, but quit for lack of patience over that aspect. It always suited me, though.

Look for a young Seth Green as a stoner who sneaked on the airbase, too, in order to watch the light show and probe his girlfriend. Not necessarily in that order, of course.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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