Friday, November 19, 2010

X-Files--"The Jersey Devil"

We have been fortunate so far the X-Files started out strong. It takes ‘The Jersey Devil’ to remind me the truth is out there. That truth is the first season was awfully uneven. The highs were great, but the lows were abysmal. This episode was definitely a low point.

A family vacationing in Atlantic City, New Jersey has to stop to fix a flat tire. While changing the tire, the father is dragged off by an apparent wild animal. Local police track the creature down and kill it. They subsequently hide evidence about the kill. The matter attracts Mulder’s attention. He believes the Jersey Devil is responsible.

It is not, of course. There is actually a family of feral humans from the woods preying on homeless people, hikers, and the like. The police were hiding the truth, either because of protecting the tourism industry or because they have been picking off members of a feral family living in the woods. Take your pick.

“The Jersey Devil” is a very dull episode. The only twist is the Jersey Devil, which is made out to be a missing link in evolution, turns out to be feral humans. The truth is less exciting than the myth. The investigation has no surprises other than that one. Rather uneventful.

The episode has one minor saving grace. It features scully on her downtime in an effort to humanize her. She goes out on a date with a boring estate planning lawyer, but keeps thinking about Mulder’s case the entire time. In the end, she refuses a second date in order to go along with Mulder on another obsessive quest of his. Rather than show Scully’s life outside work, the subplot solidified her connection with mulder. Sexual tension, folks, and right off the bat.

But “The Jersey Devil” is not recommended viewing outside of those who were hoping the two agents would eventually hook up.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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