Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR Fires Juan Williams for Saying What We Are All Thinking When Traveling with Muslims

I have always been ambivalent about Juan Williams. He is very clearly a progressive, albeit one who draws his conclusions through logic rather than the all too often progressive tactic of adopting leftist talking points then declaring oneself an intellectual by virtue of having done so. Whether said progressive can explain or defend his beliefs is irrelevant, you ignorant, racist Teabagger. How dare you insinuate otherwise! Nevertheless, I do not care much what for believes. I just appreciate the road he took to get there.

I have never been a bi fan of NPR, either. It is progressive propaganda which openly attacks conservatives and Christians routinely with impunity. Why someone earns intellectual credit for regular listening is beyond. It sounds more like congratulations for hae sat through it instead. Double curiosity why one ears geek points for listening, but many in the bookish, science fiction crowd I am familiar with swear by NPR. Yes, they do think I am a Philistine.

Now NPR has fired Juan Williams for making statements to Bill O’Reilly that every last one of us is thinking--when he sees Muslims on his plane, he gets nervous. Who can blame him? Remember the days when all you had to worry about was Muslim terrorists taking your plane hostage in exchange for Israel freeing some PLO members from prison? Those days were quaint. Today they put bombs in their shoes and underwear because hijacking planes and flying into skyscrapers has become too difficult. It also pays too remember those shoe and underwear bombing plots were stopped because regular passengers were mindful that ice Muslim in Aisle F over there might try to kill them all.

NPR is being dumb and hypocritical here. Its correspondents have sad far worse things about Christians for years and Tea Party activists most recently without anyone battig an eye. Of course, Christians and Tea Partiers are not going to chop your head off when you offend them, so NPR has to be careful what its employees say in public. Which is exactly the spirit of what Williams said to O’Reilly about Muslims. So Williams’ big sin is reealing NPR is just as fearful of Muslim extremism as you and I. We are just supposed to be stupid to understand its intellectual nuance regarding the matter.

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