Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Star Trek: The Next Generation--"The Emissary"

For those of you who complain about my posting too many sexy babe photos, the above is for you. I am certain there are those out there with a Klingon fetish (I am jusy asking for strange Google searches with that one) but if you are one of them, you should probably keep that to yourself.

That said, I like K’Ehleyr. This was the first of her only two appearances. I had hoped if she showed up again it would be as a regular cast member. The romantic dynamic between her and Worf would have been great because they both struggle with their human influences. The conflict would have been heated, passionate. Alas, we all know her fate and who really joined the cast subsequently. That will be a discussion a few weeks from now, but suffice to say, a father/son relationship did not suit Worf as well as the love/hate relationship with K ’Ehleyr would have.

I believe that because of the exciting energy between the two in this episode. The plot of a Klingon vessel with its crew emerging after 75 years in suspended animation only to believe they are still at war with the Federation is a McGuffin which only gets around eight minutes of screen time. Fortunate thing, too. How logical is it for a ship of Klingons to put themselves asleep for 75 years with the belief that not only would the war still be going on, but that weapons have not advanced enough to make short work of their ship. Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the beginning of World War II. Can you imagine the Luftwaffe freezing a 1939 armada to take on the 2009 United states air force? It does not even sound like a decent idea even if the armada could be preserved and hidden that long.

But about the relationship between Worf and K ’Ehleyr. I can sense Worf’s frustration over her human side emerging. Indeed, they made her out to be a feminist who detests the idea of marriage, since Worf seems to think they are already by Klingon standards. But I like how she also feels the tug towards being Worf’s mate. Feminists can say what they will, there is still a God given urge for men and women to marry one another. I am pleasantly surprised TNG at least hinted at the point, even if the two departed with their marital status ambiguous.

Well, since Alexander was conceived during that holodeck intermission, I guess we are to assume K “Ehleyr accepted her status as Worf’s spouse. With all the other stuff stacked against Alexander, I would hate to add bastard to the list. He was a bad enough character as it is.

A strong episode because of Worf and K ‘Ehleyr. I try not to dwell too much on the Klingon vessel from the past. It sounds too much like that old episode of Gilligan’s Island in which the Japanese soldier does not know the war has been over for twenty years. It is a farce more than any tense concern.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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