Saturday, August 1, 2009

Star Trek: The Next Generation--"Angel One"

We have already seen first season TNG completely oblivious to racist presentations in “Code of Honor.” With “Angel One,” we move on to completely sexist presentations. Fortunately, the situation runs more to the absurd here than offensive. Not that it makes “Angel One’ any better an episode.

The Enterprise arrives at a matriarchal planet. The woman are tall, strong, and tough. They are more Ladies pro Golfers association than the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The men are short, weak, beats male types. You know--Democrats. A freighter went missing in the sector and while the Enterprise is there, they opt to search for any survivors while rekindling diplomatic relations.

For whatever reason, the matriarchy is apprehensive about admitting any survivors remain. When they are told the Enterprise will evacuate said survivors, they get more cooperation. Which begs the question of why the matriarchy did not reveal they knew there were survivors in the first place. It was revealed right off the bat this was a rescue mission.

Turns out the survivors, who initially mistook the LPGA women for GLOW, have been revolutionaries for men’s rights across the planet. All the matriarchy wants to do is get rid of them before a full blown equal rights movement breaks out. The Away Team finds the survivors, 80’s style mullets and all, in hiding, but unwilling to leave. They have found wives. Some have children. Since they are not Starfleet, they cannot be removed without their consent.

They are eventually captured and set for execution. Riker takes over for Picard in the moving, preachy sermon department about making them martyrs to the equal rights movement. The matriarchy reconsiders and decides to exile the men and their wives in order to curtail any more revolution. The men, radicals that they are, readily agree. So the status quo is maintained.

What was the point of this episode again?

The story was awfully anemic. The characters were their usual dumb, first season selves. Riker get used as a boy toy. Data has never heard of perfume or the game Bingo. Everyone cooperates with the chauvinism, no matter how demeaning. There wasso little interesting in the main story, there had to be a “B” and “C” story featuring a respiratory infection ravaging the Enterprise and a potential confrontation with the Romulans. Crusher finds a quick cure for the illness, but the Romulan plot is left dangling until the season finale.

I do not like this episode. I never had. There is no conflict because no one seems to careabout the lower social status of the men of Angel One. Even the survivors who are going to be executed as revolutionaries do not care. They just want to have sex with their tough women. If they do not care about anything, why should we?

Rating: * (out of 5)

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