Saturday, July 11, 2009

Star Trek--"That Which Survives"

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with “That Which Survives,” yet it is still a forgettable episode. The only interesting point to note is the competition between kirk and Spock as to who can be the biggest jerk to the people in his direct vicinity. I understand they are both in life or death situations which would prompt high emotion on Kirk’s part and impatience on Spock’s, but they have been there before. Theirs was an unusual case of being short and contemptuous.

The Enterprise encounters an Earth-like planet that is more developed than its age would allow. A landing party beams down just as a mysterious woman, losira, kills the transporter chief. Some power source hurls the ship far enough away it would take over eleven hours to return. The woman continues to sabotage the ship on the trip back while another copy of her randomly appears trying to kill the landing party. Three characters are killed in all. None of whom are major players, naturally.

Once Spock and company repair the sabotage, they arrive just in time to save the remainder of the landing party bu destroying the computer. An image of Losira appears to explain everything. The planet’s population died of disease centuries ago. The defense system was programmed with her personality, the last one the computer could recall. Kirk laments he never got the chance to sleep with her.

That is pretty much it. Not bad, but nothing special. “That which survives” did give Sulu more to do than in just about any episode since ’The Naked Time,” but he mostly winds up being scolded by kirk and running from Lorisa. Sulu fans must be longsuffering types.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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