Friday, June 26, 2009

Star Trek--"The Enterprise Incident"

“The Enterprise Incident” is widely considered a highlight of the third season. While I agree it is a notch about most episodes in its complexity, you have to buy into an implausible number of coincidences in order to accept the plot. Basically, it is difficult to believe Starfleet would undertake such an idiotic plan.

Think about it. They had to assume the crew would not mutiny when Kirk order the ship into the Neutral zone. They had to assume the Romulans would opt to capture the Enterprise rather than destroy it. The Romulans would have had to take both Kirk and Spock prisoner. They would have to believe kirk was crazy, spock killed him, and that spock was falling for the Romulan commanders wooing attempts. Finally, you have to accept that kirk could steal the cloaking device and Scotty can install it properly even though he has never seen one before and there is no reason to think it is compatible in any way with Federation technology.

If you can accept all that, it is a decent episode. There is nothing terribly wrong with the story other than how contrived the plot is. “The Enterprise Incident” is worth watching, but not worth any raves.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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